An assessment game to evaluate behavioral skills and develop your teams

Your needs


Strengthen and accelerate recruitment campaigns


Confirm a candidate’s potential for a position


Detect and build career development paths


Identify individual development and training needs

Benefits at many levels

MISIVIAS is designed primarily for project managers, junior executives, talents in future managing positions, etc.


✔︎ Decisions and actions that contribute to individualized evaluations ✔︎ Participant involvement to favor self-awareness of his/her potential ✔︎ Realistic situations in an immersive virtual environment for a positive experience ✔︎ Male or female avatar for better immersion

Human Resources executives

✔︎ Professionalize the talents’ management ✔︎ Provide detailed information on participants’ capabilities and potential ✔︎ Enrich the HR reviews process and related content

Employer brand

✔︎ Robust tool, based on the knowledge and expertise of assessment experts ✔︎ Recreational activity to informalize the assessment experience ✔︎ Objective and non-discriminatory solution

MISIVIAS: a unique e-assessment solution

MISIVIAS is a professional online assessment game to evaluate behavioral skills

Participant’s challenge:

Manage a project (and its problems) in a virtual role-playing game, putting to the test his/her skillset

▸ Analyze a case and give his/her opinion

▸ Facilitate a meeting ▸ Lead a review with a team member ▸ Build the foundation of an action plan Approximative length for the participant: 60 minutes As an output, MISIVIAS offers an extensive report, on which the results debriefing is based. MISIVIAS is available in English and in French. GET STARTED NOW

Skills base used by MISIVIAS

The evaluation made by MISIVIAS relies on a balanced assessment between:

The final situation of each exercise ▸ THE RESULT The individual answers given to each question ▸ THE ACTIONS The journey, the groups of answers by subsets ▸ THE INTENTIONS …gradually building the following behavioral framework:

MISIVIAS: synopsis and journey of a player

Recently appointed project manager within the LaFont foundation, the candidate is soon facing an important challenge: the refusal of a certification for a new location, 3 months before the official opening.

This refusal has many potential consequences and will ask the candidate to make strategic choices in a short timing. GET started now

Represented by an avatar, the candidate is immersed in this scripted virtual situation for 60 minutes and asked to:

▸ Process multiple data items and make decisions ▸ Handle multiple tasks relying on his/her memory ▸ Facilitate meetings with teammates ▸ Prepare and lead an interview ▸ Build an action plan GET STARTED NOW